AI Color Wheel

tip 1

Design your logo or illustration in grayscale

example 1
tip 2

Ensure your design is flat (ie. less than 10 indexed colors in Photoshop)

example 2
tip 3

Tweak the wheels for analogous, complementary and other color schemes

example 3
tip 4

Uploaded designs are saved in your browser, registration not required

example 4

Instant color palette inspiration

Upload a flat design to get thousands of unique color variations. See your design re-colorized in the style of classical and modern art movements.

Untitled from Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol
NES Games
NES color 1
NES color 2
NES color 3
Soviet Realism
Soviet color 1
Soviet color 2
Soviet color 3
dribbble color 1
dribbble color 2
dribbble color 3

Try our API

Free for non-commercial use

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colorgraph.get_connectivity_matrix(quantized.palette, quantized.canvas, normalize)
colorgraph.colorize(img, canvas, quantized, palette);


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