Logo Rank is an AI system that understands logo design. It's trained on a million+ logo images to give you tips and ideas. It can also be used to see if your designer took inspiration from stock icons.
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This metric is based on the similarity of the logo to our library of 1M+ icons. The ideal logo design is visually unique, easily distinguished from stock images and other common shapes.


A strong, bold silhouette is the hallmark of a great logo - it ensures that the logo can be recognized low resolutions, from afar and on mobile devices.

example icon
example icon
example icon
example icon


Color and contrast can help draw attention to your brand. Although color is very subjective, color psychology is one of the most effective ways to establish brand positioning. We recommend that every logo have at least some color component.

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pepsi logo
ycombinator logo
snapchat logo
bp logo
twitter logo


Ultimately, these are simple rules of thumb - there are many well-designed brands that don't adhere to these standards. Knowing when to depart from the norm comes down to human judgement, which is still beyond current AI.

redcross logo
apple logo
woolmark logo
beats logo
rolex logo
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